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Ronco Machine (RMI) is the premiere choice for your industrial machinery needs.  We build to print, design, and offer our own line of industrial equipment for paper making, paper converting and wood processing.  With an extensive background in core winding equipment, RMI has produced over 125 core winders and has the background to service many industrial tasks.  RMI helps businesses thrive through innovation and technology.


RMI supports industry needs such as wood processing and paper converting

RMI designs new equipment and enhances existing machines

RMI offers unique technical support solutions

Offering paper making equipment such as roll upenders, reel strippers, and staging conveyors.  Core winders, rewinders, unwind stands, and much more available for paper converting needs. 

Electrical design and building options are available through RMI.  RMI can design, rebuild, and upgrade virtually any machine for various industrial needs.  

Machines and equipment can be designed to the necessary standards.  RMI will design equipment based on the required specifications and utilize our seasoned electrical engineers and designers to bring the designs to fruition.

Ronco Machine makes strides to offer cutting edge equipment services. Focusing on the big picture, RMI works to understand equipment needs today and in the future. For more, click here.

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11 Skyline Dr. Suites 3 & 4

Clarks Summit PA 18411


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