Why Enhanced Equipment

It seems in today’s world, everyone wants to buy things new. They don’t want a used car that they own. Instead, they would rather get a new one and lease it. The same goes with machines and core winding equipment. In 2017 and beyond, why would anyone want to buy a used machine? Ronco will tell you why.

Ever hear the old saying, “they just don’t make cars like they used to”? Cars used to be completely metal. There were no sensors. There were no plastic parts. Just american made vehicles and nearly everything was metal except the tires and the seats. Those cars lasted. They lasted forever. When they broke, they were easy to fix. No one needed to plug it into a diagnostic machine and hope the right light came on or the car made the right noise at the exact moment for the mechanics to know what was wrong with it. This didn’t happen then. The mechanics didn’t need a machine to tell them what was wrong. They knew cars so well they immediately knew what needed to be done. They knew cars better than their own children. And, some of those cars were more reliable than children too.

So, when people say, “why would I want a used machine when I could buy a brand new one?” Well, because they’re better. We take what is great about an old machine and we make it better and faster. We make it more efficient than a new machine. We can redesign it to fit your business model. We take the bones of a quality machine and the efficiency of a new piece of equipment and we blend them together in an intricate melody. We offer you the reliability and trust of a machine that was made exceptionally well and take the technology and efficiency of a new machine. We combine both to make one, better, more reliable, super performing paper converting machine.

With that said, when you’re looking for a piece of equipment, do you want a new one? Or do you want one that outperforms any other machine of it’s kind? Do you want a 1967 Chevy Impalla designed to last 550,000 miles? Or do you want a 2016 base model Honda civic that’s lifespan is really only about 150?

At RMI, we don’t offer ‘used’ equipment.  We offer better equipment.  We offer ‘enhanced’ equipment. We offer spare parts, brokerage, upgrades, and leasing opportunities.  However, above all else, we offer a more efficiency and effective piece of machinery.  That is something we can stand behind with confidence.