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January 25, 2016 Abbie Reeves








Ronco Machine, Inc.

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Ronco Machine, Inc. (RMI), a manufacturer of custom converting machinery has been servicing the paper industry for over 30 years would like to announce the shipment of our 125th core winder to the tissue industry.

Starting in the late 80’s Ronco Machine began supply core winder rebuilds and upgrades to the tissue industry, in the early 90’s RMI started designing and building their own line of core winders and ancillary equipment.  Today, we are recognized as a leader in manufacturing of core winding equipment with machines in many of the tissue facilities in North America.

Over the last 30 years our core winder product line has expanded to meet our customer’s needs.  Today we offer eight different models.

Three of these models sell for less than $100,000, these models have been developed for the customer who does not need cores at a high rate and does not make a lot of brand changes.  These core winders are capable of winding cores from 1.5” to 3.25”, 2 thru 4 ply.

We offer two mid-tier core winders with a design rate of 40 cores per minute.  Both of these winders are capable of producing single and multi-ply cores.  These core winders are capable of winding cores from 1.5” to 3.25”, 1 thru 4 ply.

Our third tier of core winders have the capability of producing short core lengths at high speed.  One of these core winder uses a score blade assembly mounted on a carriage, while the other one utilizes two high speed servo driven saw blades.

Our final tier of core winder is our high speed, high production core winder.  This core winder is capable of producing cores at a rate of 60 per minute.  This core winder will produce both 1 and 2 ply cores.

In addition to our core winders RMI is a full service manufacturer of custom converting machinery, with custom designs to complete machinery line rebuilds, Ronco’s experienced staff stands ready to provide customers with practical solutions and friendly technical advice.   Additionally RMI  offers refurbish and broker used equipment, procure parts, and continually develop new products to meet the ever changing needs of our customers.

For more information call or drop us an email.

Thank you for over 30 years of support.


The Ronco Machine team