Our Services


Primary Services

Paper converting, core winders, electrical panel building, machine rebuilding, mechanical and electrical design, custom built machinery

– We will produce conceptual designs
– Turn them into 3D models
– Live design reviews to critique and improve the design
– We produce complete design packages with Bills of Materials and User Manuals
– Electronic and Mechanical complete packages
– We write machine operating programs

– We turn the design packages into your industrial machinery
– Our machine building facility is located just off I81 in north east Pennsylvania
– We have an in-house machine shop, welding-fabricating, assembly, and customer testing facility
– We build industrial machine electrical panels in-house for our machinery or yours
– We test our machinery in “real world” conditions
– Our machines have a one-year parts and workmanship warranty

– We support the machinery we build with rapid reactions any operating issues
– Our machinery programs are capable of being accessed and diagnosed over the web
– Ronco’s Spare Parts Department can not only provide you with spares for machinery that we build but can also support machinery built by others
– Reverse Engineering
– we can design and build parts for obsolete or offshore machinery.

– Mechanical design
– Electrical design
– Power and Control panel Building
– In plant electrical troubleshooting and repair
– In plant mechanical troubleshooting and repair
– Machine Programming Services.
– Drafting services

Machine Shop Capabilities

CNC Turning center with milling capabilities
18.9 inches (480 mm) Max Swing
10.2 inches (260 mm) Max Turning Diameter
17.6 inches (446.8 mm) Max Turning Length
7.08 inches (180 mm) X Travel

CNC Vertical Machining Center
Machine Travel (X/Y/Z):
X Axis – 40.0 inches
Y Axis – 20.0 inches
Z Axis – 20.0 inches

Vertical Machining Center
Machine Travel (X/Y/Z):
X Axis – 24.4 inches
Y Axis 16.5″
Z Axis 20.1″

Manual Machines:
2- Bridgeport Series I milling machine
2- Bridgeport Series II milling machine
Lathe – 17-inch swing x 60 inch chuck to center
Lathe- 13-inch swing x 40” inch chuck to center

AWS Certified Welding