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Ronco Machine, Inc. (RMI), a manufacturer of custom converting machinery has been servicing the paper industry for over 35 years would like to announce the shipment of our 130th core winder to the tissue industry.

U.S.A. Built Core Winders.
RMI has been building core winders for 35 years.
130 industrial core winders in production throughout the Americas.
Two main core winding platforms to choose from.
High speed single ply machines for tissue and towel converting.
Multi ply machines for industrial and away from home tissue and towels
Short core capable for film, foil and gift wrap.
Fast change over; From ¾” cores to 3-1/2” cores in minutes!
Lengths can be changed “on the fly”, no need to stop or slow down.
Glue extrusion or glue pot options.
Unwind stands built specifically to suit your needs.
Parent roll loading and Auto Splicing options available.
Individual machine sections or entire core winding lines.
For more information call or drop us an email.
p) (904) 417-6198
(p) (570) 319-1832

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Ronco to Support All Core Winders

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