Ronco Machine has full mechanical and electrical design capabilities.   Our engineers work in 2D and 3D formats.  We design and produce drawing packages.  Assembly, sub-assembly, detail and fabrication drawings.  Drawings to be used to build an individual part or an entire machine.  Drawing packages and Bills of Materials, are completed and delivered to a customer or for one of RMI’s series of custom machines. RMI can reverse engineer parts and equipment that are no longer available or difficult to obtain.  We think outside the box.  Design reviews are conducted with the customer either in person or on a shared screen, web based platform to save time and money.  Our 3D models will help pick out any possible design flaws or interferences long before a part is purchased or a piece of material is cut.  Time and money are saved.    RMI is your go to company for machine design and building. 

Mechanical Design & Building

RMI designs hydraulic & pneumatic circuits, uses 3D modeling to develop machinery concepts, applies stress analysis software to confirm designs, and presents 3D models to customers with web-based conferencing.  RMI will create assemblies, sub-assemblies, and drawing packages, produce bills of materials, build custom machines to RMI drawing packages or customer packages, and reverse engineer rare or obsolete parts and assemblies.

Electrical Design & Building

RMI can design the proper circuitry to meet needs and code demands, conduct design reviews with customers, assure OSHA & code compliance, and develop designs and create detailed drawing packages.  RMI can build control panels, operator stations, MCC's or other enclosures needed, and write machine programs and startup equipment.

Rebuilding & Upgrading

RMI will complete dis-assemble machinery for rebuilding, document and access all parts and components, and build new upgraded electrical packages.  RMI cleans, repairs, and replaces parts and upgrades components.  RMI applies careful assembly of machinery, performs start up and test runs, and installs machinery in customer facilities.